Alwatania tv Nominated for Nobel Prize for Illiteracy

Tunisian state tv has been nominated to receive the Nobel Prize for Illiteracy following its extravagant enrichment to the Tunisian Revolution and to the smooth transition toward democracy.

In fact, the staff of the TV got split into two camps: those who appreciated the nomination and perceived it as an honor for the media professionals in the MENA region, and those who stressed their eligibility for Nobel Prize for Cinema, an award reserved for the dedicated Syrian state TV that produced divine masterpieces such as The Killing Fields , Cry Freedom and Bloodshed.

Some Reliable sources have unveiled that Béji Caïd Essebsi himself will be awarded the Nobel Prize of Cinema for his roles as a temporary Prime minister in the Tunisian government,a former tamer of monkeys in the jungle and above all for his honesty in speech and devotion in work.

The current president is currently in Switzerland starring in a documentary named The Bears out of Hibernation.The movie is about a bear who spends endless days and nights sleeping but awakes in a sunny Spring day to find himself filling the position of the leader. The ferocious lion was docile and went away once he was asked to dégage. As part of his plan of regional development, political pluralism, and more job opportunities, The bear went back to bed.zzzzzzz

While critics along with the elite circles affirm that Zine El Abidine Ben Ali has stunned the massive international community with his widely watched movie ena fhemtkom I Understood You, he is the most qualified to win the prize, unfortunately, the ousted actor opted for resignation in the Land of the Two Holly Mosques (KSA)for spiritual motives.

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